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TACTILOGIX is the one and only distributor of SHATTERBALL. 

SHATTERBALL is extremely compact and easy to use.  Shatterball provides safe and simple access to vehicles that require defeating tempered safety auto glass.  Made in the U.S.A.  Simply throw the Shatterball at the window like a dart, and the window is defeated.  Stop looking like a fool as you try to break a car window with your ancient police baton. De-escalate the situation, create distance, communicate, and if necessary breach the window from a safe distance with one simple toss. That is what Shatterball offers... It is really that simple!

This is a great tool for First Responders, allowing the ability to breach tempered vehicle windows from a safe distance while reducing the potential for injury during rescues, high risk vehicle takedown/apprehensions and chemical/drug contaminated vehicles. Designed and purpose built for professionals. This is not a one time use product, it is designed to be used over a lifetime and can be used repeatedly.

*This product is not intended to defeat LAMINATED glass such as vehicle windshields. There are a small amount of vehicles that utilize laminated glass on the FRONT SIDE windows. If you experience a Shatterball failure on a front side window, conduct a second attempt on a back side window or any rear window as these are more than likely tempered windows. 

*This product will work on numerous tempered residential and commercial applications dependent upon the thickness of the glass, and the energy/speed used during Shatterball deployment. 

SHATTERBALL is an exclusive product carried by Government Agencies across the globe. Primarily utilized by Law Enforcement/First Responder agencies in the United States.

*All products sold by TactiLogix are intended for legal use only. 

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