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BUD-OUT Micro Rescue/Drag Strap

BUD-OUT Micro Rescue/Drag Strap

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Our Flagship Bud-Out Micro Strap is the simplest and most minimalistic Rescue/Drag Strap on the market. Made in the U.S.A. with Berry Compliant Military Spec Nylon Webbing rated for a break strength of 1,200 lbs. This strap utilizes two open loops with an overall strap length of 7 feet. When loaded for pocket carry this strap is approximately 3" x 1.5". Extremely small, minimalistic and easy to carry in either the pocket or attached to Molle webbing. The Bud-Out strap can also be used as a compact Deer Drag, allowing hunters to have both a rescue tool and deer drag all in one. Each strap comes with 3 non-latex orange high visibility bands and 2 black Molle-Bands for attachment to Molle webbing.  A simple rescue tool that should be in every first aid and tactical medical kit.  


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